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Jun 2009 『得胜之歌』 Songs of Victory
                    - Annual Concert at Holy Trinity Cathedral.


Apr 2010 『主宰、君王、羔羊』

                    - Chorale offertory at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Remuera.


Sep 2010 『得勝之歌』 Songs of Victory

                    - Christchurch Concert Tour.


Oct 2010 『榮耀頌』 Doxologia

                    - Auckland Annual Concert at Holy Trinity Cathedral.


Oct 2011 『彌賽亞合唱選曲』 Selection from Messiah

                    - Mandarin Auckland Annual Concert, St Mary’s Parish.

Nov 2011 『榮耀頌』 Doxologia / Selection from Messiah

                     - Mandarin Wellington Concert Tour.

Oct 2012 『主禱文』 The Lord’s Prayer
                    - Annual Concert at Baradene College, Remuera.


Jun 2013   Chorale offertory,
                   - Biblical Counselling seminar, Remuera.  


Jun 2013   Chorale offertory
                   - Remuera Baptist Church Sunday Worship.


Sep 2013 『獻給無名的傳道人』 To Unknown Evangelist
                    - Chorale offertory at CCCOWE Conference opening ceremony.


Dec 2013   Haydn’s Te Deum in C, Creative Journey Chorale & Friends Annual Concert
                    - Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Epsom.


Feb 2014   Chorale offertory, National Day of Prayer of the 2013 Bicentennial Celebrations

                    - Aotea Square, Auckland.


Aug 2014   Chorale offertory, Church Music Sunday Worship Service

                    - Auckland Christian Mandarin Salvation Church, Howick.


Sep 2014『感恩的禱告』 Chorale offertory, The Bicentenary Christian Gospel in NZ

                     Combined Thanksgiving Evening Worship Service.


Apr 2015   Good Friday Combined Service, Chorale offertory , narration and worship team.
                    - Auckland Christian Mandarin Church From West, Central and East


Jun 2015   Young Voices Mid-year in House Concert Chorale offertory.


Aug 2015   "Sing Ye A Joyful Song" Choir Festival Chorale Offertory


Sep 2015  "Dr Stephen Tong Evangelistic Rallies of New Zealand 2015 The Dignity,
                       The Fall and The Redemption of Man" Combined Choir offertory


Oct 2015   Creative Journey Outreach Ministry "Prayer of ThanksgivingConcert" and "20th CCMC
                    Anniversary Worship Service", Chorale offertory and combined choir with CCMC


Nov 2015  "We are the reason" Young Voices Year-End concert


Dec 2015   Creative Journey Annual Concert

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